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Our Services

It’s time to enjoy your lawn– not sweat over it.
Let the experienced professionals of our lawn care business put the sweat equity into your landscape.


  • Irrigation

  • Mowing

  • Aeration

  • Fertilize

  • De-Thatching

  • Trimming

  • Fall Clean Up

  • And More


  • Irrigation Repairs

  • Maintaining Sprinkler Systems

  • Upgrades to Sprinkler Systems

  • Winter Watering

  • Irrigations Turn On and Shut Off

Lawn Mowing Service for Reno/Sparks

Have better things to do than spend your off hours sweating over your lawn? When you work with Ace’s Lawn Care, you can get those precious summer weekends back.


We offer a comprehensive lawn cutting service. One call truly will do it all. Once you have begun a contract with us, you never have to think about your lawn again!


Specifically we offer:

  • Never a need to schedule mowing services. Our team will come to you every few days to make sure your grass gets cut, before it gets too high.

  • Variable timing. When the grass is growing faster in the spring, our team comes weekly. When it has gotten dryer due to low rainfall, we come less. Our team puts the health of your lawn first, always.

  • Quick lawn mowing done with fast commercial riding mowers.

  • Professional, courteous staff that has had extensive background checks and training.

  • Complete trimming services, providing clean edging around sidewalks, landscaping, trees, garages and sheds, as a start.

  • Turf evaluation. As a part of our service, we pay attention to your lawn. We can recommend the right additional fertilizers and weed killers that will address your specific weed control issues and soil quality.

  • Pricing for your lawn depends on the size and topography of your property. Contact us today for more information.

Lawn Fertilization Service for Reno/Sparks

Fertilizing promotes new growth and hardiness, relieves stress from wear and tear, helps counteract damage due to disease and insects, and prevents the growth of weeds. Our yard fertilization program at Ace’s Lawn Service aims to give you the pristine lawn you are looking for! Our fertilization program aims to get rid of those pesky weeds that are suffocating your grass so your lawn can grow full and lush. Our yard fertilization program also provides supplemental nutrients your lawn might need if it lacks the sufficient amounts to promote growth and health. 

Lawn Aeration Service for Reno/Sparks

What is lawn aeration, you ask? Aeration is the act of perforating the soil and taking out small cores about 1” thick by 3” deep. This benefits your lawn by alleviating soil compaction which allows for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots so they can grow deeper and thicker. Typically aeration occurs every year to every 2 years in the fall, and it is often coupled with overseeding/seeding and a simple starter fertilizer. Aerating in the fall, followed by seeding allows for the roots to take hold and grow to prepare for new growth in the spring.

The fertilizer option will be that extra boost to jump start your seed to grow, along with giving it the proper nutrients to grow a strong root system. Where we differentiate ourselves from other companies is on the edges of your lawn. Most of the cut rate aeration programs take out shallow cores and don’t take out a lot of cores along the edges of the property. It is important to fill out the edges along sidewalks and driveways, because this is where it is most visible and where most damage can occur. We aerate as close as possible to the edges and lay extra seed by hand in the bare spots to ensure seed is there to have the opportunity to grow. In these special services, it the little things that make the difference.

Overseeding Service for Reno/Sparks

If your turf is uneven – thicker in some spots, and thin and weedy in others – or not as green and vibrant as you think it should be, we can help.

Wake Your Lawn Up with Overseeding

Part of the answer, in addition to the right fertilizer and water, is overseeding.


Overseeding is the practice of planting grass seed in a lawn that is already established. The process can thicken up your lawn substantially in just a few weeks.


Properly done, it’s tough work which requires specialized equipment and proper knowledge of which seeds work best.


Overseeding process

First, we roll a commercial grade lawn aerator over your lawn, which removes small plugs of dirt from your lawn.  Generally not visible to the casual observer, these small holes break up thatch and debris at the grass root level. The holes also allow the seeds to get below the surface and germinate.  It allows for proper drainage of water to the roots of the grass.

Once the aerating is complete, we spread the seed with a commercial split spreader.  This application process ensures that the seed has the best chance for survival.  When the lawn is healthy and thick, then it is not only velvety underfoot, but it is healthy enough to resist infiltrations of weeds.


Overseeding is best done in the early spring and late fall, as the cooling temperatures help speed the successful germination of the grass.

Best grasses for overseeding

Overseeding can help correct the damage done to a lawn from drought, weed removal, poor drainage/light, and more.  It works best with the kinds of cold weather grass that is typically grown in Reno/Sparks.

Contact us to for more!

Spring Yard Cleanup Service for Reno/Sparks

Spring Yard Cleanup​

In spring, it’s time to get down to business and get a head start on your lawn maintenance! Just like spring cleaning in your home, we do the same for your yard.

A good lawn spring cleanup is important to prepare your yard for good growing conditions and minimize the risk of fungus.

We spruce up your property by removing any leftover leaves, we trim any shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses, and we lay mulch and a weed preventative. This lawn cleanup service is typically done Mid-March (weather permitting) through May.

Leaf Removal Service for Reno/Sparks

Leaf Removal

Ace’s Lawn Care Service offers prompt leaf removal service – and we’ll also remove fallen branches.

How it Works

Our goal is to remove as many leaves as possible before snow begins to fall, so you don’t have to worry about matted, wet leaves staining your wood deck or concrete driveway. A few leaves won’t hurt your landscaping, but a thick blanket of wet leaves can stifle perennial plants and cause bare spots in your lawn.

Our team of two to three leaf removal technicians will clear your property of leaves, moving them toward the street, so our truck can vacuum the leaves away.

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